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2014-11-25 12:25

According to the international common practice and Sino-foreign consular practices, the purpose of legalization is to make a document issued by a country accepted by another country, of which the extraterritorial legal validity is not affected because of the authenticity of the seal and signature on the document being doubted.

1. The documents have 2 categories are :

1.1 Civil document : such as certificate of education, certificate of transcript, certificate of birth, certificate of death, certificate of marriage, certificate of name-change, etc.

1.2 Juristic / Commercial document : such as certificate of company registration, certificate of commercial registration, shareholder list, etc.

2. The documents required :

1) Application form of notarization / legalization

2) Original identification card or passport of the applicant and photocopy

3) The original document to be legalized and photocopy

Remarks : The applicant can authorize the other person to be representative for applying , but the trustee shall submit power of attorney letter, the identification card and photocopy of the applicant. The above-mentioned documents are basic ones and during the processing, additional documents might be requested by consular officers.

Processing time and legalization fee

1. Ordinary : 4 working days

Civil document 700 baht per document

Juristic / Commercial document 1,400 baht per document

2. Urgent : 2-3 working days, charge urgent fee 800 baht per document

3. Extra urgent : 1 working day (same day pick-up), charge extra urgent fee 1,200 baht

per document

** ( Pay upon pick-up )

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